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I’ve now built the cupola and the flanger, added the smoke jack for the coal stove and attached the wings. I think I’m down to the little details such as hand grabs, some bracing and a roof walk. Plus couplers and train line.

I like how the wings turned out.

The kit includes instructions for making the wings positionable – and I thought of doing that. But in the end, I added some bracing behind them and glued them in place. I plan to detail the plow as if it’s ready for transport, with a train line air hose attached to the front and running up over the top of the plow to the cupola. (Here’s an example from the Maine Central – although I thought the line was usually removed before plowing. It certainly will be on my railway!)

Since the wings would only be opened when the plow is plowing (and since it won’t be doing that in August on my layout), making the wings positionable would’ve added complexity and made the whole piece of equipment more delicate. So, glued in place they are, with a nice solid block behind them.

It still looks very businesslike…
 photo Plow-15_zps80e3e68f.jpg

5 thoughts on “Plow :: Down to details

  1. Great stuff Trevor! I remember the CPR plow sitting in the yard in Orangeville. I believe it had a door for the coupler and air line to fold into when it was in “business mode”. Will your model retain the new/just serviced look, or will it be broken in a bit?



  2. CN plows used a long air hose run through the plow blade to make air connections. There had to be an angle cock someheere under or in the cab of the plow, as an exposed pressurised brake line would soon be damaged by debris. Even hard snow or large chunks of ice can do damage to brake pipes. An emergency airbrake applicaition caused by an exposed brake pipe being broken can put an end to a good run at a drift.. Then someone has to fit a new pipe or jury-rig something to get things going again.

    • Interesting Steve – thanks.

      I will have to decide whether to represent this feature accurately on the model, or whether to go with my original plan – to drop the hose down from the top like it’s done on the MEC, which would tell a stronger story about the plow being transported rather than in service. Plus – I like the dropped hose better. 🙂

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