Land of the Little Locomotives

Several readers have mentioned this to me (thank you!), but in case you’ve missed it and are interested…

The current (Summer 2014) issue of Classic Trains Magazine includes a feature by Jim Shaughnessy on the CNR operations out of Palmerston, Ontario in the 1950s.

The 10-page article includes many black and white photos taken by Shaughnessy and his travelling companions during a handful of trips in various seasons. Some of these photos appear in the Ian Wilson book, Steam Over Palmerston. Others are new to me. And even if you already have the book, this article is written by Shaughnessy himself so there’s plenty of first-person insight.

The article is followed by a two-page sidebar looking at Palmerston today (the local historical society holds handcar races on the old RoW) and the fate of some of the 2-6-0s that called Palmerston home.

In addition to the coverage in the magazine, there are several photos online, too: Click on the cover, below, to see those – and enjoy if you visit!
 photo CTM-Summer2014_zpsf6ddb778.jpeg

4 thoughts on “Land of the Little Locomotives

  1. So many great photos – so many “model-able” scenes! No wonder you’re so inspired to try and recreate this look and feel (and doing a great job of it, of course).

  2. Speaking of favourite magazine articles, when will we see another one of your prototype to trackplan stories in RMC? I only buy that magazine when there’s a “Railroad You Can Model” type story.

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