Overpass at Westney Road

 photo WestneyBridge-Model_zps16e93176.jpg

 photo WestneyBridge-Prototype_zps70c3037f.jpg

This week I built a model of a concrete overpass located near where I take my eldest Border Collie, Mocean, to work on sheep. I photographed and measured the bridge after a lesson, and I’m pleased with how my model has captured the prototype.

I won’t go into construction details here, since I’ll be discussing those on TrainMasters TV. This bridge will be used on one of the two modules I’m building for the S Scale Workshop and documenting for the show later this year. I hope you’ll give it a look.

8 thoughts on “Overpass at Westney Road

  1. Would you mind at least telling us what paint you used for the concrete? Having trouble finding the right paint.

    • Hi Skip:

      I used CNR grey – the colour used on the railway’s eight hatch reefers. I followed a technique written up by Gordon Gravett in his scenery books to give the surface some texture, and finished the concrete with various weathering powders.

    • Thanks Bill.
      I’m actually surprised at how big this model is. It’s S scale, so bigger than it would be for HO modellers, of course. But an extremely rough measurement of the model tells me it’s 24 feet wide, 19 feet tall, and 80 feet long across the abutments.
      I look forward to sharing the techniques on TrainMasters TV in due course…

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