Bridges and fields :: On location with Barry

On Saturday, Barry Silverthorn and I spent the day shooting video for the introduction to my series on TrainMasters TV in which I will document the construction of two modules for the S Scale Workshop.

 photo BarryShootsTheGO_zps2aacd356.jpg
(From his vantage point atop the Liverpool Road bridge, Barry captures a westbound GO Transit commuter train as it leaves the Pickering transit hub)

 photo GO-Pickering_zpscb1fbe5a.jpg
(The GO Transit hub in Pickering, Ontario)

 photo Barry-WestneyBridge-01_zps8b994499.jpg
(Bridges were a theme on Saturday. Here, Barry shoots me – shooting him – at the Westney Road overpass just east of Claremont, Ontario. I’ve built a model of this bridge for one of my modules and will explain how I did that on TrainMasters TV)

 photo Barry-ClaremontMill_zps7ef20870.jpg
(One of my modules will feature a level crossing, so Barry captures B-Roll at the level crossing in Claremont)

 photo Wheat_zps3fae9c86.jpg
(My modules will feature some farm fields, so Barry and I spent some time shooting around typical agricultural scenes – like this)

Barry and I worked for six hours and while I was glad to put my feet up when I got home, I was really pleased with how the day went. We work well together – really well, I think – and I’m really glad Barry brought me on board.

And for a day that forecast thunderstorms, we were really lucky that the rain held off. In fact, I got a lot of sun: For the rest of the weekend, I looked a bit like Dr. N-R-Gee
 photo dr-nrgee_zps735a13fb.jpg

… but I’m better now and looking forward to the next shooting day, when I’ll be joined by my friend Chris Abbott at Barry’s studio. It should be great fun!

4 thoughts on “Bridges and fields :: On location with Barry

    • Hi Philip:
      It is, indeed, a great candidate for modelling. And no, I don’t have additional photos – but I go to Claremont a couple of times per week for sheep-herding lessons, so I’ll make a point of shooting some photos and sharing them here.
      It’s a good reminder to shoot photos of interesting line side structures and other details – and then share them with others – before they disappear. You never know when somebody will find such photos useful.

  1. Thanks for the offer. I did use Google Maps to see the building from the air and get a sense of the footprint. There are a number of interesting structures along that line in terms of support for agriculture from way back when. I regret that I never rode it as I loosely model a subsidiary branchline to it I just have not decided where I connect, which is somewhere either to the west of Glen Tay or between Smiths Falls and Bedell. My problem is that connecting main line is single-tracked which says west of Glen Tay while I want to have a connection with the “Perth Local” to Montreal which means that I am trying to link in with the double track Winchester Sub.
    I am familiar with the RoW from Glen Tay to Tweed and have never had the time to explore from Tweed through to Belmont, just east of Havelock.
    Sheep herding – you are a city person? We had neighbours with sheep when I was growing up. They can really trim down a pasture. FYI, the Carleton Wool Growers Association has its grading station and warehouse in the former limestone CPR shops in Carleton Place, Ontario. Thanks for the reply. I really like your blogs.

    • Hi Philip:
      Yes – I’m a city person, but with a country dog – Border Collie. It’s great physical and mental exercise for him and I’m learning a lot about dogs and me in the process. I remember the Wool Growers Association in the Carleton Place shops from when I lived in Ottawa back in the 1990s.
      Thanks for the kind words about my blog. You’ll be happy to know I took a bunch of photos of the mill on Friday and I will post them here when I get a chance. It’s been a busy few days. I could only get photos from the north (non-rail) side – but better than nothing.

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