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My copy of the CNR Employee Time Table lists, among other things, the contact information for local doctors along the line in case there’s an emergency.

But on my model of the Port Rowan branch, there’s a very special Doctor on call.

He lands today.

(Welcome, Peter Capaldi: You’re already my favourite Doctor!)

14 thoughts on ““Doctor”?

  1. For those wondering… the TARDIS is a print-and-fold model from the BBC – look for the “Foldable Tardis” tab at the Doctor Who World Tour site. (I’m not sure how long this link will be active now that the tour is over, so grab your template…)

    I resized it to approximately S scale through trial and error, comparing photos of The Doctor and TARDIS to my printout, sized with a 1:64 figure.

    Rather than print-and-fold, I glued the four panels to 0.010″ thick styrene sheet, cut them out, blackened the edges, and glued them together with some styrene strip bracing inside. I then created new roof panels – the print-and-fold version was flat and I wanted a bit of a peak.

    This was a quick build over coffee this morning, but I have downloaded scale plans from the TARDIS Builders forums and – someday – I’ll scratch-build one. But it’s way down the list…

  2. Matt Smith for me: from my home town, and went to my father’s old school. Slight bias there, but I enjoyed his otherworldliness.

    I think we are in for steam-punk and late Victorian, based on the new titles and his dress sense.

  3. I’ve been a fan of all of the Doctors (in the older shows as well as the reboots). But I think after so many years of manic tearing about and general goofiness, a darker, more serious Doctor will be welcome and I expect that if the producers and directors let him off the leash he’ll be beautiful to watch. Look what he did with Malcolm Tucker or with the government official in the Torchwood “Children of Earth” series.

    • Thankfully it is Peter Capaldi (been a fan of his for many years) playing the Doctor and not Malcolm Tucker… I suspect that the language wouldn’t be suitable for what is essentially the best family/children’s show on tv, although it would be hilarious to see a dalek called a “lubricated horse d***”.

      I am enjoying it as I type, despite my daughter’s repeated attempts to pre-judge PC.

      (I am too young to remember the first two Doctors, except as part of “The Four Doctors. I remember being scared witless by the sea devils. And I remain enchanted by the companions.)

  4. Landing in Port Rowan instead of London? He is really lost this time. 🙂

    The accountant at my workplace has the TARDIS noise as her ring tone. First time it went off I was off across the floor to identify the discerning individual. No other co-workers recognized the noise let alone cared. Said co-workers are all software and hardware engineers. Pity me.

  5. Thank you for your unique video Trevor.
    I am old enough to remember William Hartnell the first Doctor Who with his long white hair combed back, but it was broadcasted here in New Zealand in black and white in those days. Always following your musings and actions, but this one really tops the bill. Regards Trevor

  6. I thought that the only modeller who was a Doctor Who tragic was Jason, from Rapido Trains. Have been a D. W. fan since 1964. Yes the episode was great. I didn’t get up at 04.50 local time down under to watch it, downloaded it from local ABC Australia I-view site and have watched it trice. Haven’t found that link to download the Tardis model. If possible can you post that link?

    • Hi “Chainsaw”
      Good catch – I should’ve included the link to the Foldable TARDIS in my description in the first comment on this post. I’ve now updated that comment.
      This is a nice stand-in model but it is simply flat paper. As mentioned previously, at some point I’ll scratch-build a model with more relief on it. I suppose as an alternate approach, one could print several copies of the Foldable TARDIS on heavy stock, then cut and layer the various layers like a paper structure kit…

  7. I just showed this video to my wife; you are now officially the “most awesome train guy ever”, at least in her rating.

    I think your work is pretty awesome too.

  8. Ahh the Doctor. There will be a tardis hiding somewhere whenever i get to build a layout. A Hornby OO Gauge Police Box sits at my computer monitor at home, and my wedding cufflinks back in April were home made from a pair of Hornby N Scale Police Boxes.

    Jason Shron isn’t the only nutty Doctor Who modeller out there (though he may be the nuttiest!!). Nice video, very much enjoyed it and Capaldi’s first episode. My mom is from about 10 minutes up the road from where Capaldi went to school in Kirkintilloch in Scotland. Small world that someone from there would wind up as The Doctor.

    Good to be able to have a bit of fun and mix hobbies/interests.

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