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A few interesting tidbits from the web that I thought I’d share…

Goodbye to All That
Noted modeller and historian Gerard J. Fitzgerald has penned a wonderful tribute to Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, which has been posted to the Model Railroad Design blog. Gerry provides some great context about the history of the hobby and how it developed over the 80 years that RMC was in publication. A great read.

S scale enthusiast Bill Lane has posted a note to several newsgroups today to share news of a new bi-monthly digital magazine catering to those building scale 1:64 railway models and layouts. Bill is NOT involved with the magazine – he’s just passing on the news. Here’s what Bill says:

It was quite by accident that I was one of the first to found out about this, but I just got permission to announce the O Scale Resource, known for its excellent online O Scale publication, is making a S Scale magazine in the same quality and format focusing on S SCALE modeling. It is being called “The S Scale Resource” and will be free to all subscribers. There will be a new website and emails – addresses working shortly. The first issue will be out this year, and alternating months with the O Scale version.

If you are a manufacturer or dealer and want to advertise contact Glenn Guerra: glenn (at) oscaleresource (dot) com

For those who don’t know Glenn, he’s the guy behind Mullet River Model Works. His partner on this magazine is Daniel Dawdy of Cyberspace World Railroad.

I have been reading The O Scale Resource since its first issue, just over a year ago. It started at 45 pages and has continued to grow, and does have useful information – such as techniques – for those working in other scales as well. More importantly for O scale enthusiasts, it includes meet reports and manufacturer/dealer/importer announcements.

All back issues are available for download online, and the magazine is free to the reader.

If The S Scale Resource magazine follows a similar format, it should be a useful resource for those of us working in 1:64 – if only to keep abreast of vendor news.

Bob Nalbone at RLN Publishing has posted to a few S scale newsgroups, floating the idea of an annual or twice-yearly publication catering to the scale.

Bob’s post is included below, FYI. For more information or to provide feedback on the idea, get in touch with Bob directly via his website…

Several people active on the scale side of S have asked me privately (via e-mail or in person) if I would consider putting out a new S scale magazine on an annual or twice-yearly basis. So, in the wake of Carstens’ demise, I am putting this question out to the various S scale groups I belong to.

Would there be an interest in such a publication? My thoughts are to do an annual – possibly in time for the holidays this year – if there is enough support for it, and then see where it goes from there (yes, it would be a new brand – NOT a 1:64MG special issue). Some other parameters:

Digital publication, 50-60 pages, full color, with print being a possibility IF the cost can be justified and IF enough firm orders (deposits) for that format come in. Subject to further number crunching.

Advertising would accepted. Rates would be reasonable but I’m can’t give the store away. Prices TBD.

Standard and narrow gauge modeling covered, including layouts planned but not yet built, layouts under construction, dioramas, etc.

No payment for submissions (complimentary copy of publication being the only compensation). After all, for 50 years S Gaugian seems to be doing just fine with this business model!

This is just to gauge (no pun intended) interest. Let’s talk!

Bob Nalbone
RLN Publishing

As alluded to in his note, Bob used to publish the 1:64 Modeling Guide, a quarterly publication which I first encountered in 2012 as a digital publication. I quite enjoyed the few issues I received as part of my subscription. Unfortunately, it was later retired.

7 thoughts on “Magazine news

    • Pip-pip, Simon!

      There’s nothing like reading the latest issue of “Chuffer” magazine in front of a pretend fire, wot?


  1. HI Trevor,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and also the link (!) to the blog post I penned on RMC. I love your blog so if you liked what I wrote I am very gratified! Mission accomplished! Riley wants me to blog more in some capacity and we shall see although i can promise another history themed post later today. Perhaps I would post more if I had a fancy smoking jacket like the gentleman in the photo.

    I look forward to seeing more on your new modular layout and was also excited to see that Dr. Who dropped by your layout although that often leads to mischief, if not property damage, on a planetary scale.

    Best regards,


    • My pleasure, Gerard.
      Your piece provided some insight into the rise of the hobby craftsman, and I found myself nodding in agreement with many parts of the history. I have a better idea of the origins of the part of the hobby in which I’m most interested as a result. Thank you for writing it.

  2. Trevor
    Love the lead photo. Relaxing in an earlier time was rather formal by today’s standards.

    All these e magazines are refreshing. Getting authors to fill the pages will be interesting.


    • One did not read “Chuffer” magazine casually, Gene…


      And I agree – getting authors to fill the e-zines will be “interesting”. The traditional magazines have a hard enough time of it.


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