Heading for home

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My friends Pierre Oliver and Jeff Young visited on Thursday night for an operating session and dinner.

The layout had not been run since my last operating session – with Jeff Smith at the end of July – so I was worried that there might be a lot of problems. But fortunately, the problems were relatively few.

Our freight extra had fairly light duties, which was just fine at the end of a summer’s day. CNR mogul Number 80 left Port Rowan with just two cars and a van and looked smart as it rolled sedately through the southern Ontario countryside.

I had a great time – not spoiled by a couple of derailments on the team track switch in Port Rowan (what is it about team track switches?) and a couple of sticky couplers. I will investigate both.

Afterwards, the three of us headed to Harbord House (now with a revamped website) for pints, a meal and a chance to solve the world’s problems – in several scales.

It was interesting to put Pierre (HO scale, freight car enthusiast, operations enthusiast) and Jeff (live steam enthusiast, large scale builder) in the same room and look for common ground. I think we all learned interesting things from each other’s unique perspectives on the hobby.

I need to bring together people from different facets of the hobby more often.

Great to see you both!

While Pierre was here, we took the opportunity to create a fresh drawing of his layout. It’s the first digital version of his layout design, and he’s now posted the plan to his blog.

I’m glad I could help with that. Each of us brings strengths to this hobby and Pierre has certainly helped me on many occasions.

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