Equipment Portraits :: 2

Since the first post on this subject was well received, here are a few more portraits of the equipment that runs on my railway, in no particular order. Once again, I’ve added some notes about each model. Click on each image for a larger view…

CNR 462085

CNR 462805 - Portrait

This boxcar started life as a ready-to-run plastic model from S Helper Service. It was factory-lettered for an American railroad but at some point, I realized it would make a decent stand-in model for a class of CNR single-sheathed boxcars in the 461000-463999 series. So I reworked this model (and two others), adding a fish-belly under frame, re-detailing the roof with extra ribs, and substituting brass stirrup steps. I wrote about these changes in more detail in a previous posting – have a look here for more information.

B&O 530382

BO 530382 - Portrait

This distinctive “wagon-top” covered hopper is a brass import from River Raisin Models, which brought in 158 examples in 1993. I found my model online. It was factory painted but the lettering had not yet been applied. It was, however, in the box. I decided to experiment with heavy weathering techniques to represent a car that had spent many years in cement service. The lettering has been almost obliterated under spills and streaks, although the car number has been periodically cleaned to remain legible. I’m pleased with the effect. This car rarely appears in operating sessions as it’s just an oddball, but on occasion I invoke Rule 1 (“It’s my railway”) to add some variety to a train.

MILW 21189

MILW 21189 - Portrait

Here’s another lovely import from River Raisin Models – a 40-foot boxcar with horizontal ribs. River Raisin brought in 68 of these (along with 128 50-foot versions) in 1991. I bought my example from Don Thompson (founder of S Helper Service) after posting a note to various newsgroups looking for one. As with all my models, regardless of origin, it has received flexible train line air hoses from BTS.

CNR 7792

CNR 7792 - Portrait

I have written a lot about this car on this blog. It was one of my first projects for the Port Rowan layout – an extensive re-detailing effort to create an essential piece of equipment for my rendition of the Mogul-era mixed train. The car started as an undecorated RPO from American Models. I added details from several sources as well as a few that I built from scratch. I also added numerous grab irons, brake rigging, real glass in the windows, and so on. Like all of my six-axle passenger cars, this one benefits from Tim Trucks. It remains a favourite project of mine.

Eventually, I hope to document all of my S scale equipment in this fashion. We’ll see how that goes. Meantime, see the Portraits category to find all posts in this series. If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking with it. I hope you enjoyed these equipment portraits and notes.

4 thoughts on “Equipment Portraits :: 2

  1. Most enjoyable modeling and photography! Re. the photo box, it is very enticing; perhaps you could show us the set up? Although I model in N, your modeling and photography are very intriguing and goads me on to better modeling and photography.


  2. I really enjoy seeing your equipment with sourcing information. One never knows when a scale change will happen and they certainly provide reference points for work in other scales.

  3. Well executed models are something I enjoy viewing and learning about the techniques used by the builder. Then to learn how to photograph them just adds to the pleasure.

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