The Roadshow :: 1

I warned everybody this was going to happen…

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(Click on the image of Yours Truly to visit The Roadshow page on the TrainMasters TV website)

The first episode of “The Roadshow” is now live at TrainMasters TV. Yes, that’s me in the very summery, very flowery shirt.

This episode kicks off an on-going series for TrainMasters TV, in which I describe building two multi-section modules in S scale – my contribution to the Free-mo style layout exhibited by the S Scale Workshop. In Episode 1 of The Roadshow, I’ll take you on a tour of the places I’m using as inspiration for the modules. That inspiration involves one very colourful shirt… a trip to the country with a high-energy team-mate… a big pair of rubber boots… and a flock of stubborn ruminants.

In the series, I’ll share some tricks I’ve learned about building modules – things that work for me, anyway. I’ve also been experimenting with ideas I’ve never tried before. Already, I have a couple of ideas from this experience that I plan to incorporate into my Port Rowan layout. And of course, you’ll get to see some of the techniques I employ in action, as opposed to in a series of still photos (which is what you get here).

There’s a fair bit about these modules on this blog already – here’s the category link. But I hope you’ll join me on TrainMasters TV to follow along as I build my modules.

Now – the pitch:

Barry Silverthorn at TrainMasters TV is a professional producer and editor with a fine eye for camerawork. This is not your typical YouTube fare. In a word, it’s slick. I’m tickled that Barry has welcomed me on board to do this series. His talent and commitment to creating a great show – hosted by hobbyists and focussed on this great hobby of ours – is forcing me to up my game to match.

That said, one gets what one pays for and there is a modest monthly fee for your subscription. But it’s equivalent to buying a package of replacement blades for the hobby knife – and less if you subscribe for longer periods. I consider that a small price to pay to add such a tool to my toolbox.

TrainMasters TV is highly entertaining to watch and a great way to get ideas for one’s own hobby endeavours. I look forward to each episode, and I hope you’ll become as big a fan as I am.

Thanks again, Barry!

15 thoughts on “The Roadshow :: 1

    • Thanks Glenn – and you have no idea how much trouble one can get into buy wearing an innocent flowered shirt. James can’t have it – he’ll have to buy his own!

  1. Just watched the segment and and the star was looking good as always. Tell Mocean he should hold out for more money. šŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to seeing the series unfold.

  2. Trevor,

    I enjoyed the intro segment and it’s great to see you “live” in addition to the still photos here on the blog.

    I noticed your name in the Segment 1 credits as a writer. I’m assuming that is for the module context or have you also picked up additional writing work?


    – Rick.

    • Hi Rick:
      I get a writing credit for coming up with my own material – some scripted, some bullet-pointed, and lots just made up as I go along.
      I did contribute some script writing to parts two and three of the Streamliners At Spencer series. Barry and I work well together on things like that – our skills complement each other nicely. I hope to do more of this for Barry.
      Thanks for noticing the credit!

    • Hi Simon:
      In the UK, stock dog competitions are dominated by men – but in North America, a lot of women participate. My coach is a woman – as are many of her other students. And I can tell you they all love the shirt.

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