Above eye-level photography

 photo Roadshow-Mogul_zps7d8d97e5.jpg

Truth be told, It’s unlikely I will have many opportunities to use the modules I’m building for TrainMasters TV. That’s just the way my life works.

However, I don’t think they’ll spend all of their time slumbering under my home layout. For one thing, the overpass on the Judge Farm module set has some great potential as a diorama for eye-level – or even above eye-level – photography. I tried it out this morning after cleaning up the ballast on the ties and airbrushing the rails. The photos in this post were taken in a room in my basement, with just the bare walls as backdrop.

 photo Roadshow-Box_zps3948d0ff.jpg

 photo Roadshow-Caboose_zps23b9b945.jpg

7 thoughts on “Above eye-level photography

  1. Hi Trevor,
    Thought that these will make for dandy photo platforms inside and out, using actual Ontario Port Rowan area scenery as background??
    And might they not see some service with your S scale modular group layout???

    • Hi John:
      I’m sure they’ll work fine for outdoor photography too – I’ll give it a try in time…
      Yes, these are designed for use with the S Scale Workshop. But having a group to play with doesn’t necessarily translate into having a lot of time to play. Getting away for weekend train shows can be tough due to other commitments.

  2. Given the general trend to elimination of grade crossings, above eye level view is also how most people get to view mainline railroading in southern Ontario these days. I think reproducing the common perspective reinforces the feeling of realism. And avoids a lot of pesky horizon issues to boot.

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