“Leather Brown”

 photo TMTV-Roadshow-TrackPainted-01_zpsccc78d86.jpg

Today I airbrushed the rails on two four-foot sections from the Judge Farm module that I’m building for TrainMasters TV.

“Rail Brown” is hard to find these days as traditional railway hobby paint lines dry up. Instead of fretting about this, I grabbed a bottle of “Leather Brown” from Acrylicos Vallejo – item 70871 in the “Model Color” line – and used it instead. These paints spray well and dry dead flat – and I think it worked just fine. I’ll have to grab another bottle, though – the one I have may run out before I finish all the track.

Sharp-eyed readers will note the joint between two rail sections in the foreground rail, just to the left of centre. I notched the top of the rail head with a fine saw before applying the joint bars to either side of the web. The paint gets into the notch and does not get removed when cleaning the top of the rails after airbrushing.

 photo TMTV-Roadshow-TrackPainted-02_zpse7150adf.jpg

These two sections aren’t yet finished – there’s a lot more scenery work to do. But they’re now close enough to finished that I can show them as part of the S Scale Workshop modular layout at The North Shore Train Show in Laval, Québec in a week and a half.

That’s the good news. The bad news is I still have two more four-foot rectangle sections – plus four small trapezoids – to wire. And then I have to sling scenery, ballast and more “Leather Brown” paint. I’ll get there – and my friend Chris Abbott is coming over tonight so we can work on more wiring together.

But I’m going to spend a lot of time in the workshop between now and next Friday morning when I hit the road…

4 thoughts on ““Leather Brown”

  1. Good find and thanks. The more colors used and then passed to the community the faster we can get through the loss of our “normal” model paints.

  2. Looks good Trevor.

    Jim Harper — retail suppler of many P:48 track items — pointed out that because of the different materials used in their manufacture the shades of rust on rail, tie plates, spikes and joint bars all differ. To replicate the differences he painted the components with different colors before installation then applied an overspray to tie them together. Works for handlaying track –little tougher with flex!

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