10 days … and counting!

 photo TMTV-DivSt-Scenery-02_zps21ebfdea.jpg
(An under-construction level crossing for Division Street :: The remains of an interurban line parallel the road)

I might have mentioned it here once or twice already, but I’m building a pair of modules in S scale and taking them to a railway hobby show in Laval, Québec to participate in the S Scale Workshop exhibition layout.

That show – Salon due train rive nord (or: The North Shore Train Show) – happens October 4 and 5. So I’m down to the wire.

Fortunately I’m now done with the wire, too: I invited Chris Abbott over last night, and we got everything soldered up and ready to go. (Thanks, Chris!)

Today, I turned to scenery on two more four-foot sections. Here’s a quick picture of the sections – forming the heart of the Division Street module – taken while the glue dried:

 photo TMTV-DivSt-Scenery-01_zps6314492e.jpg

With the work done earlier this week on the Judge Farm module, I now have basic ground cover and ballast on four of these sections – 16 feet in total. I have six more feet to do, then I can turn my attention to seeing how many details I can add before the show.

If you’re in the Montréal, Canada area two weekends from now, why not come out to the show and see how I made out?

Before last night’s wiring session, I knocked out a huge pot of chili – excellent, if I may be immodest – and laid in a few bottles of Funnel Blower from Box Steam Brewery in Wiltshire UK. Together, they got us through our six-hour wiring marathon.

If you want help with wiring, cook something hearty and buy good beer.

5 thoughts on “10 days … and counting!

  1. Trevor,

    I’m patiently awaiting the Train Masters episode covering this progress. I’m very curious to see how you created the roadway–it looks fantastic!

    – Rick.

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