Home Movies from Laval 2014

As if he wasn’t already busy enough, S Scale Workshop member Simon Parent hauled out his tablet and shot some video of our Free-mo style modular layout in action at The North Shore Train Show 2014 – this past weekend in Laval, Québec.

Here are the Home Movies. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Home Movies from Laval 2014

  1. Trevor,

    A very nice set of videos showing just all around excellent modeling. Is all the track hand laid? Regardless the scenery, locomotives, rolling stock, weathering, etc… all come together seamlessly and reflect a fine level of craftsmanship. Your group does first rate work. Thanks for sharing!



    Gerard J. Fitzgerald
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    • Hi Gerard:
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Most of the track on the Workshop modules is hand laid – including all track shown in these videos.
      Simon has a laser cutter and cut his own tie strips and turnouts. He even cut in tie plates with small spike heads. He adds glue to the bottom of his rails and when dry lays the rails on the ties – the spike heads provide perfect alignment. He then activates the glue with MEK if I recall. A few spikes for strength and he’s done.
      My track is laid on Mt. Albert ties, using scale sized spikes from Proto:87 Stores. I’ve written about these spikes elsewhere on this blog.
      FYI, I will demonstrate my track laying – including distressing and weathering ties and using the scale sized spikes – as part of a future episode of The Roadshow on TrainMasters TV.

  2. As already noted this was a fine display of excellent modeling — I really appreciate the effort that went into the display and sharing the videos.

  3. Wow! That was really impressive. The longer trains are nice to see. The workmanship on the whole layout is great. Maybe someone, after viewing the other layouts, will see what level of craftsmanship can be achieved, and we will have another convert to S scale.
    Thanks for the post, Gord

  4. Hi Trevor,

    I really like the offering of a number of short video’s rather than one long one, it makes it easier to watch a couple over a cup of tea etc,


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