Doodlebug decoder question

Well, I’m stumped…

As mentioned recently on this blog, last weekend I acquired an S scale brass model of an EMC Gas Electric. Click on the image below to read more about the model:

 photo GasElectric-01_zps2b8df6b8.jpg

While I decide how I’m going to paint this doodlebug, I’ve been doing some searching online to figure out what decoder to put in it. And I can’t find anything that’s suitable. I’ve checked the catalogues for Soundtraxx, ESU (Loksound) and Train Control Systems.

There are many, many diesel-electric sound decoders on the market – and even a few diesel-hydraulic ones, too. But I haven’t found a gasoline-electric. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any leads you can provide…

On a housekeeping note, I’ve now added “Gas-Electric” to the categories menu. This will allow those who are interested to find all posts about this model in one place.

10 thoughts on “Doodlebug decoder question

  1. Trevor:

    We’ve been using the ESU decoders with a downloaded cummings file, (yeah, yeah it’s a diesel) it has a nice “blat” air horn. The nice thing about the ESU decoder is that should we ever find a gas engine you can reupload the sound file to it.
    Soundtraxx has decoder 827110 TSU-1000 RGS Galloping Goose but it’s recorded from a goose complete with gear shifts.


  2. ESU has a VW engine (a VW bus draisine) sound for its V4 line (the european line, not compatible with loksound select). The loksound V4 also can be loaded with a user-generated sound file through the lokprogrammer, but you have to make your own recording and mixing. ESU also has announced as “coming soon” the RGS Galloping Goose soundfile.
    Good luck in your quest and it is a pleasure to see your magnificent work through your blog.

  3. Hello from Wisconsin
    Nelson the Shop Foreman is completely correct in his answer. I model a later era and there are no sound files for an RDC.
    I thought i might have a partial solution at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom, Wisconsin in Montana Western #31 but alas it’s not currently running, There are however possibly some photos and information of interest on their website.
    I was thinking someone with a recorder etc and the ESU decoder…..

    As for the RDC I believe the nearest operating one is in Duluth, So if you don’t want the Cummins like the RDC at Credit Valley I guess you hang on to the back bumper of a bus with a recorder to get the GM sound.
    The salesperson from Soundtrax suggested I put an ALCO in it and turn the volume down.
    Take care. I always look forward to your blog.


    • Thanks Bill – but keep in mind im lookong for a gas-electric. RDCs are diesels. The two will sound very different – just as a gas VW and diesel VW will sound different.

      I guess the related question is, did any if the gas-electrics survive in operating condition? If I recall, there’s an old CNR unit at Exporail…

      • I’m aware you’re looking for a Winton engine sound file. I should have stated nothing exists commercially for an RDC either. I wasn’t aware until I checked that #31 wasn’t operating until I checked. I rode in it in1980. It had a sharp stacatto exhaust on load. The M-1 sounds like a good lead. I’d refer you to the Rapido Trains site for the trials and tribulations on recording an FPA-4. Bill

  4. East Broad Top has one narrow gauge version, M1, and is still serviceable wit its original Winton gasoline engine.


    • The DERM is a diesel re-engine version of the gas-eletric doodlebug (Diesel Eletric Rail Motor) replacing the single Winton gas engine with two diesel engines.
      So originally they all were EMC gas eletrics (Petrol Eleric Rail Motors in VR parlance), but now they sound different.
      Nice doodlebugs though.

  5. You are both wrong about availability. I is just not for current product. In the Revolution Line QSI had both the RDC and an SF doodlebug.

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