5 thoughts on “Port Rowan in O scale?

  1. It is bad enough that you get me thinking about giving up narrow gauge for a Southern Pacific or Norfolk and Western SG branch then you throw in this other extraneous stuff. At least you are pushing O scale instead of S scale! 8>))

  2. Well! I had just been looking at some O scale flatcar frames that could use finishing, and some O standard gauge ties I had in a box, now here’s a locomotive! Dangerous indeed. How about P:48 conversions of Sunset locos? Ridiculously hard?

  3. On the p48_modeler yahoo group you will find photos and a discussion of the conversion of a recently released (and sold out) Sunset N&W 4-8-0. There are also builders who offer the conversion service.

  4. In response to David Woodhead, I had a Sunset CP D10 4-6-0 converted to P48 with added sound by Matt Forsyth. The conversion included DDC c/w sound and a replacement gearbox for excellent low speed running. I am very pleased with the conversion and would recommend Matt’s services. The total cost is around 2/3 the original purchase price but well worth it.

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