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My copy of the back-from-the-dead Railroad Model Craftsman arrived in my mailbox yesterday – and what a return to life!

The first thing I noticed was the better paper. The magazine is heavy now, with terrific glossy stock that feels wonderful in the hand and makes photos look great. Regular features have also received design nudges – from the addition of colour to the column headers to a fresher look for reviews and new product announcements.

These are definitely steps in the right direction, and editor Chris D’Amato notes in his column that there will be additional tweaks in coming issues.

What I find really exciting, however, is an interesting bit of data in the letter from publisher Kevin Eudaly, who notes that White River Productions now produces 22 magazines – including publications for specific railway historical societies, the NRHS Bulletin, and the NMRA Magazine, plus of course Passenger Train Journal, Railroads Illustrated, Model Railroad News and The Railroad Press.

This represents a terrific base of knowledge upon which RMC can draw, as well as a great source for material. As an example of the types of synergies this enables…

If someone writes an eight-page modelling feature for their favourite historical society publication (for free, no less), White River could easily approach them to do a four-page version for RMC (and be paid for it). And of course the RMC feature could refer back to the historical society publication for those who wish to explore the subject in more detail.

I’m looking forward to seeing how RMC develops and grows in the coming months. And I’ll have to pitch some features to Chris…

11 thoughts on “The new RMC

  1. I found the “new” RMC to be quite refreshing too. I have been a subscriber for a very long time and was sad to see it in decline. This rebirth is exciting. The new look is catchy. I’m happy, too, that Kevin has extended my subscription to cover the issues that were missing. Walt

  2. Hi Trevor,
    After completing just the first two issues, Chris is gone. I’m not aware of the
    exact details but further consolidations and changes are coming. It is the end of an incredible era in the model railroad press.

    • I heard that Stephen Priest may be taking over as editor to replace Chris D’Amato but that are many rumors floating about right now. The fact that Mr. D”Amato is out however is apparently true. We shall have to wait and see how all of this looks in the coming months. Time will tell…


      Gerard J. Fitzgerald
      Charlottesville, Virginia

  3. It is good to see that RMC is back but I had a digital subscription as I am in the United Kingdom but, so far, nothing has appeared in my inbox. Anybody else in this position?



  4. Yes. There was a press release on White River’s website to that effect… Stephen Priest will be taking over the editorship of RMC effective with the January issue. Chris’ snippet in Editor’s Notebook in the make-up issue suggested that he was setting up a home office. Chris had worked at RMC for 33 years.

  5. Recent interesting article on building a Santa Fe test car in RMC. Why no scale plans/drawings?

    Other wise, RMC is the best!

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