CNR GS gondola in S scale?

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(Will we get these in S? I hope so! Photo from the Canadian Freight Cars site. Click on the image to visit)

Jim King at Smoky Mountain Model Works has become a great source of rolling stock for those working in 1:64 – and his latest potential project will be of interest to Canadian railway modellers.

Jim is looking for expressions of interest for the GS gondola – in all-steel and steel-wood composite designs. He writes:

Based on an $80 (US) price including couplers and decals, how many would you buy? Be specific. This is a make/break decision time based on YOUR interest.
1. Tell me how many steel sided cars in SP, UP or other roads you’d buy.
2. Tell me how many composite sided cars in SP, UP or other roads you’d buy.

The all-steel version will be a good starting point for CNR GS gons. In fact, Andy Malette from MLW Services has raised this possibility with Jim, and Jim is open to doing a set of add-on details to create a Canadian car – providing there’s sufficient demand.

So, now’s your chance: Visit Smoky Mountain Model Works and drop an email to Jim to tell him now many you would take. Do it soon!

I’ve already told Jim I’m in for five of the all-steel kits – and more if he offers the Canadian detail sets.

Among their many duties, these cars would be ideal on company service, hauling ballast from quarries such as the one near Hagersville. So I hope Jim gets the numbers he needs to go ahead with this project.

UPDATE: Jim at Smoky Mountain is looking for information about the CN and CP versions – specifically:

1 – The differences from a standard GS gon (such as the Red Caboose model in HO scale). The additional side details (ribs? stampings?) is an obvious one. Any others?
2 – He could also use help with the artwork to get lettering produced.

If you can help with these two requests, you can contact Jim directly, or you can use the “comments” section of this blog post to provide input and I’ll forward it to Jim, with your email address so he can follow up.

Jim reports that as of Friday, he had more than 80 reservations (combined) for the GS gondola and the Canadian version. This is good news as it means the project is likely to go ahead. If you’re working in 1:64 and interested in the Canadian version, let Jim know!

5 thoughts on “CNR GS gondola in S scale?

  1. Yes I agree with Steve. At least six for me too in HO scale. I’m surprised that the Rapido’s and the TLT’s of the world haven’t figured this one out.

  2. The GS gondola car pictured above is likely the most common of CN GS gons. CN actually had a number of different types, mostly of Enterprise design in 36′, 40′, and 48′ versions. Some built for CN predecessor roads. Steel-frame, all steel. some converted to regular gons, and some that remained as GS gons. There were some built post WWII that were high sided GS gons.

    For a manufacturer to simply make an RTR “CN GS gon” in any scale is not a simple as you think.

    The late Rich Chrysler had been nudging Westerfield to bring out a model of either the 36′ or 40 steel version of these cars. I’d sent Rich some photos for the cause. But Rich’s passing and Westerfield’s selling his business put and end to that.

    These are complicated cars to model commercially whether in resin kit, plastic kit form, or RTR, as proven by Detail Associates’ offering of a similar car in HO.

  3. Interesting indeed. I once kitbashed four of them in HO using Bachmann 40′ gondolas as a starting point. The final result was very, very close to the prototype, but I feel I lost some sanity in the process and the doors mecanism wasn’t perfect. I wish you this S scale project can come to fruitition, because at least there’s interest for them in HO.

    Another interesting prototype is CN old dump cars. The design was reminescent of DIFCO, but it was different looking… and in my own opening more attractive. I kind of liked the ribbed sides.


    • Matt–Nice work on the GS gons! Looks like you used the Bachmann gons for the basic carbody, and scratched everything else. Your approach could work in many scales, including S.

      The air dump car linked below is a National Steel Car-built “Western” car built under licence by NSC for CN in the 1950’s. Overland released these cars in HO about twenty years ago. I don’t know if they’ve ever been made in S scale.

      I’ve a story about how one of these jumped off the rails on its own one day in Hamilton while trying to empty it… πŸ™‚

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