Doodlebug details

 photo GasElectric-20_zps93cae99c.jpg

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my CNR gas electric, and this morning I applied a coat of weathering to finish the model.

Details included MV Lenses in the class lamps, secured with Miscroscale Kristal Klear. I also added some Kristal Klear around the LED headlight to fill the gap between the LED and the headlight housing:

 photo GasElectric-23_zpsa55af9da.jpg

Other details include glass (cut from microscope slide covers) in the windows, and window shades made from a cream-coloured envelope. Window glass and shades were installed using Kristal Klear, which does a terrific job at this sort of thing. There’s no glass in the baggage doors, as they’re the location through which the DCC sound system is ported:

 photo GasElectric-24_zps358196e7.jpg

Working through a hole in the bottom of the rear vestibule, I was able to add seven panes of glass to this area, although I did not attempt to add window shades. I don’t think they’ll be missed…

 photo GasElectric-22_zpsca5f2bf4.jpg

I weathered the model with a mix of powders and airbrushed paint. I like Vallejo military colours for weathering since they dry dead flat. Some black powder did a nice job of dirtying up the air intake louvres at the front of the model, while some rust powder – oversprayed with Vallejo’s black-grey – created a subtle exhaust and rust look on the roof:

 photo GasElectric-21_zpsf71fe9f3.jpg

I’m really pleased with how this model turned out – and I enjoyed learning about the CNR’s fleet of self-propelled vehicles in the process. I look forward to putting CNR 15815 into revenue service in the near future!

11 thoughts on “Doodlebug details

  1. No wonder you’re pleased, it’s a beauty! Looking forward to seeing it in service. For the less-expert such as myself, can you describe how you cut the microscope slide covers? Thanks very much!

    • Hi Jeff:
      Good idea – I can do that. Working with glass is pretty easy, but it does require the correct tools. I’ll take some photos… or find the ones I used for an article I wrote on this, years ago…

  2. Great job! And a wonderful journey along the way while you were building this.
    I see someone already asked about the glass, so I’ll also stay tuned to find out.
    Again. a really great blog and a joy to read, look, and learn.
    Thanks, Gord

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