CNR 15815 :: Inaugural run

My CNR gas-electric – which I finished earlier today – has now made its inaugural run on the Port Rowan branch. Here are some pictures from the trip…

Running as M233, CNR 15815 arrives in Port Rowan:
 photo GasElectric-26_zps4180f873.jpg

The gas electric is caught on the turntable lead in Port Rowan, preparing to be turned for its return journey to Hamilton:
 photo GasElectric-25_zpsc6cbb091.jpg

On the return trip, CNR 15815 – running at M238 – emerges from the Lynn Valley and crosses the Stone Church Road overpass:
 photo GasElectric-28_zps631ab947.jpg

 photo GasElectric-27_zpse2584653.jpg

Heading for Hamilton, the gas electric blows for Charlotteville Street in St. Williams:
 photo GasElectric-19_zps253e24e9.jpg

While I don’t plan to replace the conventional, steam-powered mixed train on my layout, CNR 15815 will add some variety to operating sessions. It runs well – very smoothly and slowly – and as a complete train it’s a natural choice to take whenever I’m participating in S Scale Workshop exhibitions, too.

I’m glad I picked up this model at this year’s S Scale Social. I wonder what I’ll find next year?

6 thoughts on “CNR 15815 :: Inaugural run

  1. You could add a morning and evening commute for residents of St. Williams and Port Rowan who work in Hamilton using the Doodlebug.

  2. On Santa Fe’s Alma branch in the 1940’s doodlebugs were the primary power on the daily mixed train. M.175 and M.177 could pull six freight cars. A red flag was stuck in the coupler of the rear car.

  3. Nice work Trevor. It is great to see a piece of equipment that has been languishing NIB for 25 years put to work.

    I will see what I can find for next year’s S Social sale table.

  4. Trevor,
    Love the shot of the doodlebug going across the overpass with the cars underneath. It really captures the feel of a rural branch line in the 50’s. Awesome job as usual.

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