TMTV :: Racks for The Roadshow modules

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(Remember kids: Always wear your safety goggles! Especially if they’re really goggly…)

The fun continues at the TrainMasters TV studio, as Pierre Oliver and I return in the 3rd episode of The Roadshow to finish building the benchwork for my S Scale Workshop modules. This episode focuses on creating racks so that I may safely transport and store the modules.

Will the modules fit the truck?

Will I have to take up knitting?

Will Pierre get his sweater?

Do these goggles make me look like a Minion?

TrainMasters TV subscribers can find out by clicking on the image above. Enjoy if you watch.

7 thoughts on “TMTV :: Racks for The Roadshow modules

  1. Dear Trevor,

    I am going to ask, (having watched the preview),
    – Is 5″ of “scene clearance” between modules really enough?
    (Particularly if structures are permanently mounted to the layout? Show layouts with structures that have to be “pick and placed” every time and transported seperately take longer to assemble and take more damage on average)
    – Was the “height of the vehicle” stick taken from _inside_ the vehicle, or at the tailgate/door opening? (many a show layout has been built to fit the internal dimensions, only to find that it couldn’t actually be gotten _into_ the vehicle due to the lips around the door openings…)

    Happy Modelling,
    Aim to Improve,
    Prof Klyzlr

    PS I know many modellers lament the potential pain of building a dedicated home layout, then having to move-house. But, spare a thought for the mobile/show-layout builder, when they have to change car! 🙁 😉

    • Hi Prof:
      The 5″ scene clearance is plenty – for these modules.
      Remember – I’m building a narrow strip – approx 90 scale feet – of open country running. There are no structures on these modules, other than the overpass at Westney Road and a very low sheep pen.
      I have built other modules in the past with removable structures. Each was mounted on a plywood base that slotted into the layout and was then bolted in place with the same #10 stove bolts we use to secure the module sections into the racks. As we explain on the video, using one type of fastener for everything greatly reduces set-up and tear-down time because one never has to search for the right type, or the right tool.

    • Hi again, Professor:
      When recording this segment, we went to great lengths to describe how to measure a vehicle for a module. It’s not as easy as measuring the opening, although that is important.
      I haven’t watched the whole video but I hope that discussion wasn’t left on the cutting room floor!

  2. Judging by the green leaves and flowers in the background, either this was filmed a while ago or “southern” Canada extends a good bit further south than I recall…

    You need overalls and a yellow shirt to finish the Minion look. Singing “YMCA” at the same time would help.

    More nice work, Trevor!

    • Hi Pieter:

      You’re right – this was shot a couple of months ago. That’s the nature of making “good” (as opposed to “reality”) television.

  3. “You need overalls and a yellow shirt to finish the Minion look. Singing “YMCA” at the same time would help.”

    That would be a terrific video, especially if there were three Minions!


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