Burro Rigging

 photo Burro-Rigging_zps0aee03b8.jpg
(It looks complex, but it’s fairly straightforward – click on the image for a larger view)

Reader Thomas Lassak asked how I rigged my S scale Burro crane from River Raisin Models. Here’s a labelled image that explains how I did it:

 photo Burro-Rigging-Labelled_zps9deff1a7.jpg
(The threading sequence, listed. Click on the image for a larger view)

Some additional notes:

Each Pulley is actually a pair of pulleys, stacked. I refer to these as “Top” and “Bottom” in the above threading sequence.

The “Anchor” is a hole drilled in the cross bar.

Note as you follow the threading sequence, that the the thread always proceeds counter-clockwise around the pulleys (if starting from the drum).

It helps to put a weight on the end of the boom when doing this, to keep the slack out of the thread.

I hope this helps!

5 thoughts on “Burro Rigging

  1. Pardon my ignorance,but does the thread also go from the bottom of pulley two, across (perpendicular to the other routes) to the bottom of pulley three?

    Also, not being familiar with the prototype, would there be a separate cable for the clamshell grab (or what have you) at the end of the jib, or was it all done by lifting the jib?


    • Hi Simon:
      Yes it does. The rigging instructions are meant to be read as one continuous line, even though they’re stacked in the photo. Keep pulling the thread through the instruction list until you get from drum to anchor.

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