A visit from Daniel and Amy

 photo M233-Kilns-StW_zps3f78a090.jpg
(It’s always nice to have something new to show off when out-of-town visitors arrive. This time, it was my tobacco kilns)

On Thursday, I got a call from an area modeller: Daniel and Amy Dawdy were in town – would they be able to visit my layout on Friday?

Of course!

While it was the first time we’ve met, I’ve known of Daniel for years. Back in the mid-1990s, Daniel started a website called The Cyberspace World Railroad, and that website was my first exposure to the concept of sharing the hobby online. Look where that has taken us today!

 photo SScaleResource-Masthead_zpsab8b3d6c.jpg

Daniel’s latest project is The S Scale Resource, a free digital magazine about scale railway modelling in 1:64. The S Scale Resource has just published its second issue, and follows the successful launch of The O Scale Resource in September of 2013.

 photo OScaleResource-Masthead_zpsb4c91dce.jpg

Daniel shares the editing duties on both magazines with Glenn Guerra of Mullet River Model Works, while Amy serves as the all important second set of eyes, to catch typos and other copy editing errors. Each magazine is published six times per year on alternating months.

Daniel was quick to point out that while each magazine showcases its namesake scale, many of the articles are not scale-specific so will be of interest to a broader audience. As an example, the December 2014/January 2015 issue of the S Scale Resource includes a feature on modern, midwest grain elevators that will be useful to anybody trying to model these important industries. If you get nothing else out of the issue, the photo of a Case tractor fitted with knuckle coupler for moving cars at an elevator in Forrest, Illinois is worth the download time. (You’ll find it on page 18. You’re welcome.)

Daniel and Amy really enjoyed seeing the line to Port Rowan, and we talked about a wide range of subjects – from ambient audio to tobacco kilns. They were particularly impressed by the many things I’ve incorporated into the layout in order to make a simple design more challenging to operate, without resorting to gimmickry such as unrealistically complex track arrangements. This is an important issue for anybody building a modest-sized railway – but especially so in larger scales, where “modest-sized” is often the only option. I’ve agreed to work up an article on this for a future issue of The S Scale Resource – so stay tuned.

Daniel, Amy: It was great to meet you both. Thanks for taking the time to visit – and for picking up lunch at Harbord House (Reuben Sandwich for me; Fish and Chips for Daniel and Amy; Washed down with pints of Conductor’s Craft).

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend in Toronto!

4 thoughts on “A visit from Daniel and Amy

  1. Any thought of a coal dealership that takes cars above the rails in order to dump below them?

    I am looking for pictures for an HO scale dealer

    • Hi John:
      Sorry – not here. I have an elevated coal delivery track in Port Rowan but it doesn’t serve an on-site dealer.
      If you want to see photos of that, check the “categories” menu on the right side of this blog’s home page. You’ll find an entry for the coal dealer.

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for the S Scale resource, the grain elevator article looks interesting. Many of these “Wheat Kings” are past the century mark and are disappearing in our West.
    I would imagine the mixed will be busy with boats from Mc Calls Boatworks filling Eatons orders and all that extra express /mail that has a Christmas deadline!
    Keep that plow handy for the cut west of Vittoria and those huge drifts between St.Williams and “Port”.
    May you have a great Christmas and New Year too!
    Best Wishes,
    Monte Reeves

  3. Trevor,
    I was great to meet you and see your wonderful layout. Good food, good beer and trains. Can’t get much better then that. Toronto is a beautiful city, let me know when they finish it and we’ll be back 😉

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