First visit to the Algonquin Railway

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On Sunday, I hopped the 506 Carlton streetcar and headed east for an operating session on the Algonquin Railway – a terrific HO scale shelf layout in a spare room that’s being built by Ryan Mendell. (Ryan recently visited my layout for the first time and was keen to return the favour.)

Ryan is doing a terrific job. He has a great eye for detail, and is obviously an accomplished modeller. What’s particularly impressive is that he’s only been back in the hobby for a few years after a long time away from it for all the usual reasons. From his layout design, to the equipment, to the structures and scenery, everything looks like the product of a modeller with decades of experience under his belt. Well done!

I’ve recently been working on trees for the St. Williams area of my layout, so I was particularly interested in Ryan’s tree-building efforts. Click on the image, below, to visit his blog and learn how he makes those terrific Eastern White Pines:

 photo RyanMendell-Pines_zps5fe712ce.jpg

The afternoon gave me some great ideas for filling in the space under my taller trees with saplings and other plantings to give my forested areas more bulk. I predict another visit to the craft store in the near future to pick up some craft brooms and other materials. And I’m going to build a few of those pines, just because they look great.

The Algonquin Railway runs very nicely and we spent a most satisfying hour or so switching out typical railway customers in northern Ontario, aided for part of the session by Ryan’s young son – who will one day make a fine railway modelling enthusiast, I expect.

After our session, we retired to The Feathers for lamb and ale stews, pints, and more conversation, and I had much to think about on the streetcar ride home.

Thanks for the great afternoon, Ryan! I’m looking forward to our next get-together…

4 thoughts on “First visit to the Algonquin Railway

  1. Great pub, that Feather’s. Interesting part of Toronto. I spent the first 13 years of my life in that area. Great place to ride a bicycle and Danforth Yard so close by..

    Thanks for the link, Trevor.


  2. Ryan’s blog photos look great. Is there a track plan of his shelf layout? Curious about the industries (other than pulpwood) that make the layout fun to switch.

    Phil Gliebe
    Waynesville, Ohio

  3. Phil,

    Ryan here….. I have never drawn up a track plan. I’ve had a few requests, so I guess its time to put one together. As for the industries there is 5 in total. Some have multiple spots. The industries are as follows:

    Salt Shed
    Pulpwood yard
    Depot/Team track
    Feed and Supply Dealer
    Rock Quarry


  4. I too have spent many a time at Feather’s. It used to be mine and my old record company’s office. I’d like to see both Trevor and Ryan’s layouts as I live in Toronto as well. Sounds like you both had great evenings at the layouts and out. cheers.

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