Backshop Clinics – Live at the Quinte Train Show

 photo Quinte-Backshop_zpsaf85b51f.jpg
(Turning a classroom into a studio requires a lot gear if you want to do it right)

On Sunday, I headed to Belleville, Ontario – and the Quinte Train Show. In addition to taking in the show, I also hosted a couple of clinics for the “Backshop Clinic” segment on TrainMasters TV. These will be airing in 2015.

While I’ve worked around TV production equipment before – most recently for “The Roadshow” series for TrainMasters TV – I’m always impressed at just how much gear is required if one wants to create a professional, quality production.

The photo above shows three cameras, including one on a jib and a small one mounted directly above the desk on which we’ll be working. A monitor to “audience left” of the desk allowed those in the room to see the output from that small, overhead camera. It also gave us a way, as presenters, to check that our projects remained in the camera’s line of sight.

A fourth camera had been removed from the studio when I took the photo, as TrainMasters TV creator Barry Silverthorn was capturing some video from the show itself.

In addition to cameras and monitors there are four studio lights, including two small lights above the black curtain to back-light our set. The curtain itself is part of the gear. And at the left of the image, one can see an audio board set up to capture and mix sound from the three microphones in use.

I always learn things when I work with Barry, and Sunday’s clinics were no exception.

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