CN 10’6″ 40-foot double-door boxcar

This is my next equipment project:

Port Rowan - Coal Delivery Track.
(A CNR 2-6-0 shoves a CNJ hopper car up the coal delivery track in Port Rowan. The double-door boxcar is likely carrying lumber for the team track)

Like my previous two boxcars, this one is starting life as a Pacific Rail Shops* kit. But in addition to adding details such as the boxcar detail kit from Andy Malette at MLW Services*, I’ll also be cutting away the 5/5 Dreadnaught ends and replacing them with a set of resin castings from Andy for 4/4 Improved Dreadnaught ends to more accurately model the Canadian National’s cars.

Canadian Rail Car Pictorial V2

By the way, a great reference for modelling CNR boxcars (and, indeed, other Canadian railroad equipment) is the Canadian Rail Car Pictorial series of softcover books. Volume 2 – Canadian National Boxcars Part 1, shown above – includes nice photos of the different styles of boxcar ends and roofs used on CNR steel boxcars.

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