Nifty flux bottle

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My friend Chris Abbott gave me this a while ago. I’ve been meaning to mention it here (and thank him publicly). I used to live in fear of spilling the flux used to prep wires for soldering. I also used to drip flux where I didn’t want it as I transferred it from bottle to project on the end of a piece of wire.

No more.

This bottle – I think Chris found it at an electronics supply house – keeps the flux inside, even if it falls over. And the needle cap (with cover) is brilliant: a gentle squeeze deposits one drop of flux exactly where you want it.

Get one.

Thanks, Chris!

8 thoughts on “Nifty flux bottle

    • Hi Nelson:
      It has no identifying marks on it. I believe it came from an electronics supply house.
      Since you’re in the GTA, I’d suggest Sayal…

  1. I use A line bottles for flux. Every so often they clog but just running the hot solder iron tip along the needle will vaporize the blockage. I use the H&S (?) superdafe water soluable sutff (blue) and the 0.016 (blue) A Line needle.

  2. Use the same bottles to hold the accelerator for crazy glue. Puts a drop where you want it rather than the sprayer it comes in. By the way, I bought mine at Lee Valley Tools.

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