Just for snicks, I’ve decided to update the WordPress theme I use for this blog to “Twenty-Twelve”. So, things will look a little different: Cleaner, for starters.

If I don’t like it, I can always revert to the tried and true “Twenty-Eleven”.

11 thoughts on ““Twenty-Twelve”

    • Thanks Steve. I thought I’d mention it because I didn’t want people to wonder if something had changed at their end.
      By the way, I’ve also uploaded a whole bunch of new blog headers, so visitors will see some fresh images in Black and White, too…

  1. Don’t like the way you have to drill down to the end of the post to get the Previous and Next arrows. Not so sure it is really an improvement over the old format.

  2. I agree about the position of the next and previous prompt, but my only original comment is that I think the difference between the blog heading and the description on the side bar is too slight. Scrolling down, the distinction almost disappears on my iPad. A space between each entry would help, or bold type for the header. Everything on the page has a sameness to it. Nothing really catches my old eyes. I’ll try looking at it with windows 8 later.

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