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 photo StW-Trackside_zps8c19ec9d.jpg
(Extra 1532 West :: St. Williams, Ontario, 1957)

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been photographing the layout for an upcoming feature in The S Scale Resource magazine. This feature is a follow up to a visit by Daniel and Amy Dawdy late last month.

Since I’ve taken a lot of photographs of the layout already, I challenged myself to find some new views for the article.

In all, I shot 75-80 photographs, which I then pared down to roughly three dozen to submit with the feature. I don’t expect all of my photos to be used – a few are slightly different compositions of the same scene, to offer Daniel and his co-editor Glenn Guerra some choices – but given that The S Scale Resource is a digital magazine the editors won’t be constrained by a page count.

For now, I won’t share many of the new views here: You’ll just have to wait for the article to come out*. But I liked how the photo at the top of this post turned out and I’m surprised it has taken me this long to shoot the St. Williams depot from this perspective.

I thought I had worked out the best locations for photography, but I found several new views. The lesson is that digital film is cheap and it pays to experiment.

(*The good news is the magazine is free to readers, so there’ll be nothing stopping you from getting a copy – and of course I’ll post to the blog when the issue is published.)

6 thoughts on “New views

  1. Yes, the rain is coming in sheets up the line at Hammond’s Mill. We better head for cover in the station. Isn’t your train eastbound as the station was on north side of track? Shouldn’t it be Extra 1531 East?


  2. That’s really a great scene! It has the same flavor as the scene (shown frequently at the head of your blog) with the train pulling into Port Rowan.

    I see you reverted back to the Twenty-Eleven theme….good choice (though I’m a bit biased about that 🙂


  3. Hmmm, if I’d waited another day, I would have discovered that the scene matches even better to the photo of the train entering St. Williams (curious, no?). I had never seen that picture until today!

    Port Rowan, St. Williams, eastbound, westbound….whatever! I still like the scene.


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