Layout feature in “The S Scale Resource”

I’ve written a feature on my layout layout – and it’s the cover story in the February-March 2015 issue of The S Scale Resource magazine. This is a free, digital publication. Click on the cover, below, to visit the magazine online:

 photo PtR-SSR2015-0203-Cover_zpsrkqq5uz0.jpg

You’ll find February-March 2015 issue under the “current issue” tab – if you’ve visited the page before you may have to refresh your browser.

Once you’ve opened the magazine online, you can download it too: Look for a set of buttons near the top of the screen. There, you’ll find one with a PDF symbol, and options to download individual pages or the entire magazine.

This article was tremendous fun to write and shoot – the result of a most enjoyable visit with co-editor Daniel S. Dawdy late last year.

I hope you enjoy this look at my layout – I think it’s a great introduction to what I’m doing and I plan to use it as such. Feel free to share the URL with others who may be interested.

8 thoughts on “Layout feature in “The S Scale Resource”

  1. Trevor
    Your recent article is entertaining and informative on your choice of scale and theme. You have championed the concept of less is better. Even thought your railroad is simple, it still provides an enjoyable experience.


  2. Great article Trevor. Of course when you have a great layout it is much easier to write one!

    Thanks for all of the sharing that you do.

    Bill Uffelman

  3. Great article Trevor. Excellent photos too. It’s always fun to read your posts and now to add your published work. Walt

  4. Good to get an overall view of the branch, to go with all your specific blog posts. Seems like some (great) photos that I haven’t seen before, too. Great article!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone – and yes, there are some new photos and new perspectives. Having created literally hundreds of photographs on this layout, I challenged myself to come up with some new vantage points so that the article would be worth reading, even for those who follow the blog regularly.

  6. Trevor, I have been following your exploits for the last several years. While you in Canada in the 50’s were closing lines, here down-under, we were still expanding. I just found this Bayer-Peacock “infomercial” from the 50’s on our
    3’6″ narrow gauge, in Queensland. Some of the operations are similar to your Port Rowan, and the dated comments are “corny”. I hope you have a spare 17 min’s to watch. Here is the URL :

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