Tree progress in St. Williams

 photo Trees-StW-2015-01_zpsac71ajcr.jpg
(Looking east from the west end of ST. Williams. With trees in place, this is looking more like Ontario)

For the past couple of months, I’ve had wire tree armatures in place in St. Williams, to give me a chance to test-run some trains to make sure that my planned placements did not interfere with operations. With some very minor adjustments, all is well – so, over the past few days, I’ve been working on turning the armatures into trees.

I’m making great progress on this front. In fact, I now have trees all along the wall behind the St. Williams team track:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-02_zps9bvq1yyc.jpg

Already, this has made a huge difference to the scene. Compare the photos below with those in this post from early December:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-04_zpsgz1xlvbg.jpg

 photo Trees-StW-2015-03_zps0mlkyr0u.jpg

In the following set of photos, I illustrate the sequence in which I add leaf canopy to finished armatures. I start from the back and work my way forwards. The trees here took about an hour to finish:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-05_zpsjuldapes.jpg

 photo Trees-StW-2015-06_zpsicyyb4m7.jpg

 photo Trees-StW-2015-07_zpsr4zo2fm2.jpg

 photo Trees-StW-2015-08_zpssghfx7uv.jpg

As I’ve added the canopy, I’ve discovered some new views of the layout, too: vignettes that are now framed by trees.

 photo Trees-StW-2015-09_zpsbhiakyqg.jpg
(West siding switch, St. Williams)

 photo Trees-StW-2015-10_zpsz01v5lqh.jpg
(Mike’s line of sight)

I’m now about halfway done with the big trees in St. Williams. I’ll need to add bushes and other details, of course. Despite my layout being a fairly modest endeavour, there are always things to do on it…

 photo Trees-StW-2015-11_zpsckh4nitx.jpg

8 thoughts on “Tree progress in St. Williams

  1. Very impressive how trees completely changed St. Williams. I particularly appreciate the tree tunnel because it dwarf the mainline. Small glimpses at the track – your vignette – helps to improve the impression of a long main line working its way around a rural countryside.


  2. I have been adding trees to my layout for years now. I have several hundred deciduous trees and several thousand evergreens planted. I estimate that I need another 300 of each before I will have nearly enough. My layout is much larger than yours is, but I do notice right after a planting session that the target area looks for more complete and realistic, just as your trees have done here. Your work is masterful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love how the trees look! I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to eventually use this method on my own layout.


  4. Like your trees a lot (and the rest of your work). We down here in Australia have rather different trees, mainly Eucalypts, a different challenge to model again …. Anyway, I find your blog most inspiring – I only wish my old butterfingers would accommodate me with such fine modelling .. Best regards from Downunder, Walter.
    And yes, I do have Kangaroos hopping through my garden 🙂

  5. Trevor, your scenes look great. The wispy see-through trees and grass along the tracks…Makes one yearn for a time gone by….A slower time where there was time to throw a ball in the backyard and get a wave from a passing train….

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