More like Ontario

I’ve finished adding trees to St. Williams – and what a difference they make to the scene! Compare the two photos below.

M233 at St. Williams west photo M233-StW-West_zps28961473.jpg

 photo Trees-StW-2015-12_zps5xnme94o.jpg

More on the new trees in a future post, but it’s a busy day today. In addition to all the usual things, I’m preparing for a special visitor tomorrow. He’s a friend from out of town – and he’s riding The Canadian to get here!

10 thoughts on “More like Ontario

  1. Trevor,
    Incredible difference.
    One thought, try the same shot one more time, with the headlight out. They seldom had them on in the fifties. It just might make it look even more prototypical than it already does.

  2. Hi Trevor, Wow! The scene really becomes believable with the trees and other details. Great job and very good photo angle. Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Gord

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