Overview of St. Williams with trees

 photo Trees-StW-2015-16_zpskkjirqd7.jpg
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Over the past couple of weeks I decided to finish the trees that form the backdrop to the trains in St. Williams. In the above photo, the two boxcars are on the team track while the locomotive at left is on the mainline. The layout makes a 90-degree bend here – not a feature on the prototype – but the trees help to visually soften this. I will further enhance this area with bushes and other undergrowth, but for now the trees make a huge difference and I’m pleased with the change in the layout’s overall appearance.

(With the trees in place, I really notice that my coal shed is still a mock-up. I have a kit in hand for that structure – time to get started on it, I guess!)

I’m especially happy with the small cluster of trees in the foreground at left, which effectively divide the St. Williams run-around into two scenes. Here, CNR 86 enters the “team track” scene heading westbound:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-18_zpswysgumge.jpg

And here, the CNR 15815 leaves the team track scene as it heads eastbound:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-15_zpsx6wy1udl.jpg

Note how the foreground trees (at right in the above photo) effectively obscure the grain storage building. One has to get right into the scene before it is revealed:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-14_zps5584w5oa.jpg

While planting the tree armatures the other day, I realized that some of them were too close together. As I adjusted the spacing, I ended up with a spare armature. Since it was a fairly small specimen, I decided it would look nice behind the garage of the house on Charlotteville Street in St. Williams. It now helps frame the depot when viewing the scene from the west:

 photo Trees-StW-2015-13_zpsvxbcy5wy.jpg

I note in the above photo that the trees behind the depot represent some of my earlier efforts. They don’t look as nice as my more recent trees, so I’ll have to improve their canopies with better leaf material.

There’s always something to do… and always opportunities to make things better!

6 thoughts on “Overview of St. Williams with trees

  1. Every layout has a need for more details. Yours is no different, it’s just in S scale so the details really stand out. I really like what you have done. I’d like to see more modelers doing half of what you’ve done. Then they would have very nice layouts of their own. I thin we all have “placeholders” that we need to replace with a new or improved model…I have several. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. The argument for taking the time and effort to model trees authentically is starting to come home to me. The more I study yours, the more I realize that I’m going to have to spend a significant portion of my life modeling trees.

    -Jack Shall

  3. Impressive how trees are litteraly building the scene and structuring it. And it was the first time I took a good look at your fields. You really did a nice job. I grew up working on farms and recognize the way vegetation and soil mix together. When you’ll have completed the bushes and small vegetation around fence pickets, that will the be icing on the cake.

    I was not sure if I wanted to use photobackdrop for some forested area on my layout and your experiment tell me well-done trees are more than enough.

    Best regards!

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