Wandering off-script

Layout plan.

When I look at my layout plan, I see a few places where I’ve wandered off-script. This happens with all model railways – it’s not a big deal – but I thought I’d point out some of them.

First, when Pierre Oliver and I were building the benchwork (okay: when he was building the benchwork, and I was keeping the dogs from being power-nailed to it), we decided to change the angle of the peninsula near the entrance to Port Rowan (where the orchards are on the plan). We kept it wider in this area.

At the same time, Pierre and I (read: Pierre) built the benchwork right into the corner to the upper right of the water tank, and cut the front edge of the benchwork closer to the track where it crosses the twin-span steel girder bridge. You can see these changes in these two photos:

Benchwork and Roadbed.

Benchwork and Roadbed.

These changes were made simply because they looked better as we built the benchwork.

Backdrop overview.

Now that we’re installing the backdrop (or draping it, I guess), Chris Abbott and I have run the backdrop straight across the nooks and crannies through the Lyn Valley. It was simply easier than building into those areas, and building into them really wouldn’t have bought us anything. The sector plate area is also a straight shelf, instead of growing narrower near the end of the staging area. Again, it just seemed simpler, and gave me more room for under-layout storage.

The lesson? Don’t be tied to your design if you find better way to do things when actually building.

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