GATX 6000 gallon 3-dome tank car

Some interesting news out of Jim King at Smoky Mountain Model Works. On his “S Scale What-If?” page, Jim is now taking reservations (with no money down) for a GATX 6000 gallon three-dome tank car.

This S scale model would use the CAD drawings developed for the highly-praised HO scale model recently offered by Tangent Scale Models:

 photo Tangent-3Dome-Tank_zpsodsg5fa1.jpg
(Click on the image to visit the Tangent web page and read more about these cars)

While these are not the most common tank cars on the rails, they are nifty looking and they did haul a variety of commodities. The three, 2000-gallon compartments made them ideal for delivering several grades of liquid to a smaller customer, too – like the customers that my branch would’ve served. So, I’ve placed a reservation with Jim and can envision delivering agricultural chemicals or various grades of fuel to the team tracks at St. Williams and Port Rowan.

As Jim notes on his website, he typically needs about 80 reservations before he can consider producing a car. I like that he shares the number of reservations on the “What If” page, so his customers have an indication of whether a car might be produced. I’m sure in some cases, seeing “75” reservations will encourage people to add an extra car to their order to help push a project over the final hurdle.

Thanks, Jim, for continuing to support the S scale enthusiast!

3 thoughts on “GATX 6000 gallon 3-dome tank car

  1. He’s got me down for two also. That takes care of another on my wish list. Tangent makes some amazing stuff. Hope we can benefit from this again in the future. The 8k acid tanks would be nice too.

    Tom P

    • Hi Tom:
      Apparently, Tangent and Smoky Mountain are only about 20 miles from each other, and they collaborated previously on the X58 boxcar. So I expect there will be future collaborations – providing, of course, there’s sufficient interest from the S scale community in the form of reservations…

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