Road trip to the New England / Northeast RPM

Pierre Oliver and I will attend this year’s New England / Northeast Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet – May 29/30 in Collinsville CT:

 photo NERPM-WebBanner_zpswebpfpec.jpg
(Click on the image to visit the RPM’s web site)

I’ve never been to this meet but it’s been on my hobby “to do” list for a while. Photos from previous meets (accessible through the RPM’s website) show a healthy dose of expert modelling on display, including many examples of New England and Canadian prototypes. Almost all of my layout-building efforts have been either New England or Canadian in origin, so I know I’m going to have a great time.

Naturally, I’ll contribute to the display table: I wonder if it’ll be the first example of “S scale Canadian” at the event?

I’ve also offered to do a clinic, although I’m a bit late to that party and the schedule is full. At the organizer’s request I’ll prep one anyway in case there’s a last-minute cancellation.

If you’re in the area – or can be – why not register and find out? I’ll see you there!

6 thoughts on “Road trip to the New England / Northeast RPM

  1. You’re right – this is a wonderful and very well done RPM. Unfortunately, due to work schedule conflicts, I can usually attend only every other year – and as luck would have it, this is my “nonattend” year. But I’ll see if there’s some way I can finagle at least a little bit of time – would be great to see you and Pierre again!

  2. Trevor, will you be going for one or both days? Sadly, I can only go for one day and would like to say hello. I will pick the day that you’ll be there if you are only going for one day. Looking forward to seeing you!

    • Hi Jim: Both days – it’s too long a haul to do just one. Looking forward to seeing you!
      It’s all your fault.

  3. Oh, well, if getting you to NERPM is my fault, I will happily accept that … Everything else, however is most assuredly YOUR fault, at least as far as what I’m bringing to the meet oh, and what’s in my car right now ….

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