Extra 3640 West :: St. Williams

(This video may also be watched directly on YouTube, where you may be able to view it in larger formats)

I’ve written a lot about my RS18 project to describe the modifications, the painting, and the installation of DCC, sound and lighting. This short video pulls it all together, to provide an idea of how this beast performs and sounds on the layout.

Enjoy if you watch it…

9 thoughts on “Extra 3640 West :: St. Williams

  1. Nicely done, Trevor! It’s a beautiful locomotive. I do have a question. May I ask where did you get that conveyor that’s next to the tobacco barn? I’m needing one like it for a model I’m building. Thanks.

    • Hi Brian:
      Thanks for the kind words. The conveyor started as a Walthers HO scale conveyor for a coal yard. I used the sides and wheels, but scratch-built a wider belt for it. I made several other modifications, too.
      For the full story, check out the St. Williams Tobacco Kilns category on this blog. If you scroll through the posts, you’ll find some photos of the conveyor in a couple of the entries. Those posts will include notes on construction.

  2. Trevor,

    Nice job on the two videos. They both look really nice and they shows off your modeling to the fullest. Keep up the good work and I’m enjoying all of your updates.

    Mike S

  3. Looks, runs, and sounds great! I also really like the tree fort by the St Williams depot. What a spot for train watching. 🙂

    • Hi Lennart:
      Thanks for the comment on the tree house. Much appreciated!
      Yes, I’ve written about it on the blog previously. Here’s the original post – called “Tree Fort“.

  4. Well done Trevor! That sound really brings the MLW RS-18 to life along with all the details and lightning effects. Are the methods that were used for the number board lights and classification lights feasible for such applications in HO scale? I’d like to try and add extra detail lighting to one of my locomotives in the near future.

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