Ops with Nelson

 photo Ops-20150420-02_zpsvjflnuac.jpg
(The crew of CNR 2-6-0 Number 80 lifts a couple of boxcars off the storage track in St. Williams)

Due to a scheduling SNAFU, Nelson Allison from Aberdeen Car Shops found himself at loose ends in my neighbourhood last night. He emailed and as it happened, I too had an evening to myself. So I met Nelson for a beer, then we headed to my layout room for an operating session.

It was Nelson’s first visit to the layout, so there was a lot to cover. We discussed layout lighting, ambient audio, decal manufacturing (through Aberdeen Car Shops, Nelson offers some terrific decals for modellers of the Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo Railway, as well as other goodies), Sergent couplers, WOW Sound decoders, and more.

I was also pleased that the layout operated really well – the best it has all year. Nelson took the throttle on a freight extra while I hopped in the van, and we safely and smoothly switched seven cars over the course of a few hours. (We took our time.) No derailments (phew!) and only one false coupling. My kind of operating session!

Thanks for getting in touch, Nelson – I’m glad that serendipity was on our side. I had a great time!

In the days after an operating session, I usually take a few photos of the layout to illustrate my post on the get-together. Having added more trees to St. Williams earlier this year, some new views have presented themselves. The small cluster of trees on the inside of the curve at St. Williams frame the scene nicely…

 photo Ops-20150420-01_zpsjxmbmihs.jpg

3 thoughts on “Ops with Nelson

  1. An excellent evening! Trevor’s railroad is well worth seeing and hearing in person, and yes it does operate quite well. The lighting of the layout adds the right touch of a slightly cloudy summer’s day to your flawless operating experience. The background sound proves that the Pricom Dream Player (http://pricom.com/indexold.shtml) is well worth the investment, and despite what one might think is not a distraction.

    In all one of the most pleasant evenings I’ve spent in a while thanks Trevor!

  2. These little bits of serendipity are often the sweetest – bonus that the layout operated so well. But given how amazing it looks, I don’t know that I would have minded it’s not operating at all. It’d be nice just to walk “along the tracks”

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