A favourite photo, updated

Some places on the layout naturally lend themselves to nice photographs. The east end of the St. Williams storage track is one of my favourites, because I can pose two locomotives beside each other here and get a camera right into the scene.

As the copyright notice on the image below indicates, I first “discovered” the location in 2013. I used it to compare my then newly-acquired moguls to my 10-wheelers:

CNR 86 and 1532 photo Moguls-07_zpsc5a6c097.jpg

Later in the year, I revisited the photo location while writing up a report on a layout visit from a friend (a post that also shows the rig I use to take this image):

 photo CNR80-CNR1560-StW-NoLights_zps15190c78.jpg

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a photo at this location, and a lot has been added to the scene. So today I restaged the shot:

 photo CNR80-CNR1532-StW-Dark_zpsljohca1c.jpg

It turned out well, I think!

7 thoughts on “A favourite photo, updated

  1. I really enjoy these comparison shots – not only does it show how the layout has evolved, it’s evidence that your proto-historic layout is developing its own history as well. Very cool (and those engines look amazing)

  2. Trevor,
    Seeing the comparison over the years really shows the work you’ve put into the layout. You’ve mentioned in the past about possibility redoing St. Williams to better replicate the prototype, so does looking at the progress you’ve made hinder or help your decision to keep St. Williams the way it is?

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