Turntable en route

Thanks to a recommendation from my friend Simon Parent, I’ve just placed an order for the HO 90-foot turntable from Custom Model Railroads.

A 90-foot table in HO works out to about a 65-foot table in S – close enough to my prototype’s 60-foot table that I’m happy.

Given that I have a single turntable lead and no stall tracks to worry about, I decided an indexing system would be overkill, so I ordered the CMR motor and motor mount.

(To follow my progress on this project, check out the “Turntable” category on this blog.)

I just called and talked to a nice person at CMR, who took my order. She said they might have to cut a kit, but that it would go out in the next day or two.

I’ll need to modify the bridge by adding cosmetic sides to it, set further out for S scale. But my beef with turntables has always been related to mechanical issues and I’m looking forward to testing out this model.

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