Fighting Dirty Rails

The May, 2015 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine is now online and ready for reading – including an article I submitted on how I use graphite on the rails to improve electrical performance.

 photo DirtyRails_zpsxmncjnps.jpg

While I certainly didn’t come up with this solution, I’ve been using it for many years and am an enthusiastic advocate. It’s made a huge difference to how well my layout runs.

Click on the image, above to start reading the feature online. To complement this feature, I also produced a short video* to show how I apply the graphite to the rails. Enjoy if you watch!

(*I’m not sure I would’ve called this solution a “miracle”: It’s science, really…)

3 thoughts on “Fighting Dirty Rails

  1. Hi Trevor, Great idea! Your track and scenery looks so real, I thought it was the hand of God doing the work! LOL
    Cheers, Gord

  2. Nice little article, Trevor. I’ve been reading about graphite for a couple years now and figured I’d give it a try once I get to the point of running some trains. An actual article (and video) on using this stuff cleared up several questions I’ve had after reading about this technique on the MRH forum.


  3. Good article. My HO Scale switching shelf in my parents basement has some funky electrical conduct issues in places, for a couple of bucks, this is definitely something i will try to see if it makes things better.

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