CNR #1

CNR 44 Tonner #1 - Prototype Photo.

A couple of years ago I picked up an S scale model of a General Electric 44-Tonner and decided CNR #1 would make a good modeling subject. Earlier this year I detailed the model:

GE 44 Tonner in 1:64 - Detailed for CNR #1.
(To read all of my posts about this locomotive, check out the “44 Tonner” category on this blog)

This is an Overland Models brass import built by Ajin and offered exclusively through Dan Navarre at River Raisin Models*. I have added class lamps (two packages of River Raisin ST-029), sun shades (scratch-built), working couplers (modified Kadee 802), a horn (HO scale Finishes by Bob Rzasa H-223), and a pair of etched kits for steam-style number boards (from Andy Malette at MLW Services*).

I have also installed a Soundtraxx TSU-750 sound decoder with GE Cummins diesel sound (part number 827014), a 16mm x 35mm speaker in an enclosure, from Model Rectifier Corp, and 3mm LEDs from Miniatronics for headlights. It runs beautifully and sounds great.

I’m waiting for custom decals before sending it through the paint shop. It will emerge black with a yellow frame stripe. A crew from S Helper Service* (Part #00289) sits ready to add inside the cab.

I think it’s neat that a railway system as large as the CNR had a locomotive numbered 1 …

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2 thoughts on “CNR #1

  1. Trevor.
    Thank you for your 44 Tonner posts. I have the same model and have had it painted/lettered for NKP No 90.
    Question: What did you use for lenses? My supply of “MV” L248’s were too large.

    • Hi Charles:
      If I recall, I used pieces of microscope slide cover glass, cut to the appropriate size (I used a circle drawing template and a diamond scribe) and secured to the headlights with small dots of Microscale’s Kristal Klear.

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