Benchwork in a Day!

Yes – it happened!

Pierre Oliver and I started this morning, and six hours later (with breaks for lunch and tea) the job was done. We’re now ready for risers and roadbed.

Truth be told, Pierre started this morning. When it comes to wood, he’s a professional and it was great to see someone working with the calm confidence of experience. For my part, I handed over materials and tools, held ends of boards, and kept Mocean and Jack (and myself) out of the way as much as possible.

I’ve spent two more hours in the layout room, cleaning up and organizing the various storage items that live under the benchwork. So no pictures with this post, but I did take some and will share them soon.

It’s great to move from a paper plan to three dimensions.

(No photo of Benchwork in a Day yet, but in the meantime here are photos of Mocean and Jack…)

Mocean and Mickey.

Jack is bigger than a toaster.

UPDATE: Here’s the proof.

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