It’s going to be a quiet summer

Not completely quiet, but not like my usual rate of posting.

 photo Packing-For-Reno_zpsj9f7m0zv.jpg
(Destination: Workroom – a new one – next to the layout room. But it’s going to be a while before these get unpacked…)

My wife and I live in a 125+ year old example of the city’s traditional “bay and gable” home. And this summer, we’re doing a major renovation on it. We’ll be clearing one floor at a time for our architect/contractor and his crew, so floors that aren’t completely empty and under demolition/renovation will be packed to the ceilings with furniture and boxes.

It’s like moving, but without the moving truck.

I expect to get very little model-building or layout-building done this summer. In fact, even the operator’s aisle in the layout room may become temporary storage.

I don’t expect to hold operating sessions. But we’ll see how it goes.

I do hope to keep a couple of small projects out and within easy reach so I have something to work on. And of course I’ll post about those if I make any progress on them. But – as noted earlier – we’ll see how it goes.

I expect regular postings to resume when the plaster dust has settled.

20 thoughts on “It’s going to be a quiet summer

  1. Trevor, I sure don’t like you bringing up the subject of moving. Two years into ours, I’m still finding surprises in boxes that I thought were carefully marked, and of course I’m still looking for certain parts and details. Nevertheless, I wish you well with yours. At least you don’t have to be concerned with your things disappearing from the truck, so if you can’t find it, it’s still in the house somewhere!

    • Well exactly, Ben. And, I don’t have to pack things to survive a truck journey – just a walk from one floor to another. It’ll go well – we’re only packing 1/4 of the house at a time…

  2. Ah, the joy of heritage houses, I run a similar vintage abode and I call it the high maintenance blonde of housing, when they are looked after they are admired by others, however they can get very ‘trashy’ and old looking very quickly. All the best on your renovation, and hope there is not any nasty surprises or budget blowouts. Once it is all done, then there should be more time for Port Rowan.

    Regards Glenn

    • There’s always a budget blowout, as per “Love It or List It”. Then Hilary doesn’t get to build the 30′ by 40′ bathroom, and everyone is furious!

  3. Trevor::

    Good luck to you and your wife on the renovation. We are starting ours imminently and expect it to take a fair bit of time and money to compete. Am I to assume the dogs get their own floor now?


    • Thanks Vince, and nope – the dogs hang with us. They wouldn’t want it any other way – and neither would we!

  4. Good morning

    This sounds like an ambitious summer. It must be exciting to be this close to starting the project and I hope all goes well. I’ve been involved in several large renovation projects both from the client and the design ends and have learned from those experiences to develop a healthy respect for each house and its needs – especially during any construction project.

    I’m sure everything will work out fine. Have fun!


  5. Trevor,
    Sounds like this summer would be a great time to post more “Achievable Layouts”.
    Jamie Bothwell
    PS Be careful with my painting!

  6. Hi Trevor, Good luck with the renovations. Also, have you planned a way to cover up your layout from the dust that surely will fall?
    Cheers, Gord

  7. Trevor – Good luck… take it from one who’s been there a few years back… plastic bins, vinyl wrapping and tarps!… dust gets everywhere and cardboard will absorb the extra moisture that’s prevalent during construction… what’s the over/under on ‘unexpected surprises’ of a 150 year old home?… best regards – Jim

  8. Well, I’ve been here myself… just never know what you will find once you start tearing out the plaster! It will be worth it in the end, though. Best wishes as you move forward with this project.


  9. Wishing you all the best of success for a wonderful – and fast – restoration and return to normal (and the layout!) I’ll look forward to your return – and hopefully an at-least-occasional update on the progress!

  10. Trevor, Maybe you could pop round to ChrisA’s basement and do some hot-workshopping there 🙂 or could you get the modules out to play with others?

    Good luck with the renovations.


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