Scenery on The Roadshow – on TrainMasters TV

 photo Roadshow-Scenery_zpskdx7magf.jpg
(Chris Abbott looks on as I add leaves to what will become a whole mess o’ shrubs while behind us, a CNR intermodal train hauling a single-height stack of containers is barrelling past outside)

My layout gets a lot of compliments on the scenery – especially the large meadow around the turntable at Port Rowan. Those of you who want to see how I create meadows will enjoy the final, regularly-scheduled instalment of The Roadshow, currently playing on TrainMasters TV.

With my friend Chris Abbott in the studio to help, I demonstrate how I do basic ground cover, then add grass, bushes, weeds and flowers. The segment runs about an hour and covers all of the steps, step-by-step, to create basic yet convincing scenery, ready for super-detailing. While I model a railway set in the 1950s, I think my meadow-building techniques would make for a good start on the overgrown railway land bordering a modern right of way – the kind one sees right outside the TrainMasters TV studio.

Thanks, again, to TrainMasters TV brass hat Barry Silverthorn for letting me be a part of his terrific show.

Click on the image above – or follow this link – to start watching. You need to be a subscriber to TrainMasters TV to see it, but membership is quite reasonable.

2 thoughts on “Scenery on The Roadshow – on TrainMasters TV

  1. Trevor:
    Just finished watching your excellent scenery presentation on TMTV. Well done!
    It comes at a great time because scenery is the next stage on my HO scale switching layout. The materials and techniques used were very effective. Hope to put them to good use on my rural landscape.



  2. Trevor,

    I also just finished viewing the scenery episode. Watching a hands-on demonstration as you’ve presented makes the process so much easier to understand than reading a scenery book with a few pictures. And it’s especially gratifying to see the process done on a scenery style that you’d like to build yourself.

    As with Michael, I’m looking forward to putting these techniques to good use when my scenery days finally arrive.


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