CNR 1 :: The DCC squeeze

It’s been a while since I worked on my model of CNR 1 – one of the railway’s GE 44-Tonner centre-cab units.

But I recently acquired decals for this unit, so this project – long dormant – can now go ahead.

Today I opened up the model to tape up the windows to protect the cab interior when I airbrush the model – and it occurred to me that I had enough room under the hood to add an electronic flywheel module. So that’s what I did:

 photo CNR1-KeepAlive-01_zps2pbqbrei.jpg

It’s quite a squeeze, but it works.

The Soundtraxx Current Keeper is the larger of the two purple things (don’t you love my technical jargon?) – in the upper portion of the left-hand hood.

The DCC decoder is a Soundtraxx TSU-750 – the smaller of the two sizes Soundtraxx offers, and the only size loaded with the GE Cummins diesel switcher sound package. (Part Number 827014 if you’re curious.)

(I find that odd, since loading the package shouldn’t be any different between the two decoder sizes, but I guess Soundtraxx feels only people working in HO scale would want a sound-equipped 44 Tonner.)

A curiosity with this model is that the cab floor is part of the frame, and bowed upwards to clear the motor. This is fine, except it means one has to run wires across the floor of the cab to connect the decoder to the speaker and headlight in the right-hand hood. That’s fine, really: They won’t be seen on the finished model.

With the windows taped up from the inside (to preserve the grey, which will make a fine cab interior colour), this model is now ready for the paint shop, and a coat of basic CNR Warm Black.

On a technical note, I’ve now created a 44 Tonner Category on this blog, so those interested in the project can find all of the relevant postings in one place.

4 thoughts on “CNR 1 :: The DCC squeeze

  1. Interesting project. What decals are you using? Lots of useful information as I move forward with mine. Does this engine have boiler tube footboards or had CN removed them by this time? Thanks, Daniel.

  2. Trevor: good morning – do you have any of these decal sets for sale…..I would be interested in a couple of sets.


    Dan Kirlin

    • Hi Dan:
      I have only what I need. I suggest you contact Bill directly via his web site. Note these ONLY do CNR 1 in the black scheme.

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