Three-dome tank car: Painted

I’ve given my recently-acquired three-dome ACF tank car two coats of Floquil CSX Black (because that’s what I had handy) and by the time the decals arrive from Al Ferguson at Black Cat Publishing, the paint will be cured and the tank ready for lettering:

 photo 3Dome-tank-painted_zpspfbrackl.jpg
(Lacquer-based paints produce a lovely, high-gloss surface that’s ready for decals)

I’ve removed the masks from the wheels and will brush paint the front and back faces after applying and sealing the decals.

3 thoughts on “Three-dome tank car: Painted

    • Hi Bruce:
      I’ll brush paint the inside and outside faces with a grey-black that I use for all of my rolling stock.

  1. It’s looking real nice, Trevor.

    For a guy going through a remodeling job, and with everything packed up or relocated, you’re sure managing a lot of modeling work lately!

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