CNR 52274 :: Scale Test Car

The decals arrived this week for my CNR scale test car, and I couldn’t wait to letter it. In fact, the car is finished and ready for service:

 photo CNR-52274-02_zpsxpi4hit1.jpg

I pulled the road name (“CANADIAN NATIONAL”) from a set of Black Cat Publishing decals for an HO scale CNR van (caboose). For the rest of the lettering, I used the HO scale CNR Scale Test Car decals from Andy W. Scale Models. While the lettering may be a bit undersize, I think it actually works quite well on this S scale model.

I lightly weathered the lower part of the car with some beige paint, applied with an airbrush. The rest of the car is relatively clean – these cars were designed to shed water and dirt, which could affect their weight, and they did not see the kind of use that a freight car would see, so they didn’t get as dirty. That said, I did apply some weathering powders to the walkway, and dry brushed some points on the handrails with silver to represent worn-away paint:

 photo CNR-52274-01_zpsslydstuf.jpg

I’m very pleased with how this car turned out. It was a fun diversion. At some point, I will build a track scale and scale house to go with it. Since I have no space for this on my layout, I will probably do this to the Free-mo standard used by the S Scale Workshop

5 thoughts on “CNR 52274 :: Scale Test Car

  1. Great job, Trevor. I think you nailed the look. I might have done a little “paint removal” on the brake wheel too since it was probably used often to keep the car in place on or near the scales. How’s the remodel coming along?

  2. Trevor, It looks ‘just right’! The light weathering appears suitable. A neat addition to a fascinating layout!

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