Two features in the August RMC

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I have two features in the current (August, 2015) issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.

The first is my report on the 2015 New England Northeast Railroad Prototype Modelers meet, which Pierre Oliver and I attended at the end of May. I had a great time and I look forward to going back to that meet in the future.

The second is a feature on using an iPhone or iPod Touch as a throttle, as I do on my layout. This distills and organizes a lot of the information I’ve presented previously on my blog into a feature that addresses what’s needed, the advantages and disadvantages compared to a regular throttle, and some considerations to make such a migration successful.

If you pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy the stories. I enjoyed writing them and it’s a pleasure to work with Stephen Priest at RMC.

8 thoughts on “Two features in the August RMC

  1. Trevor, I received my August RMC last week. This week I’m headed to surgery and I’ve saved my RMC for something to read while I’m laid up in the hospital. I’ll certainly give your articles a good going over. Three days in that place should just about give me enough time to read the whole magazine cover to cover. Can’t imagine what I’d do without a RR magazine to read instead of Good Housekeeping and the like. Thanks for producing this great blog. Walt

  2. Hi Trevor , I got my new RMC in the mail on Thursday , great articles inside , I especially liked seeing my S-2m photo, from what I understand is next year our RPM meet will be much larger and in a hotel that’s near things like food , I hope you’ll be down again next year. Dale

  3. My RMC is buried in a huge pile of mags to be read but your content will float it to the top! I think Stephen has done a fine job of keeping the signal to noise ratio of RMC high while improving production values. I loved the Carstens/Guido mag, but I think it’s probably improved over all. In any case I owe Stephen an article so I guess I’ll have to get going on that after Portland!

  4. Great to see you writing for RMC again. Some of my all-time favourite articles came from your pen over the years! Here’s hoping to see another prototype-to-model story in the pages of RMC. I noticed these have yet to appear in the new, and improved, magazine.

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