Funaro and Camerlengo NYC gons

NYC 399574.

I’ve built a number of HO scale resin freight car kits from Funaro and Camerlengo* in my time.

Stopping at the F and C booth was always a treat when taking in the annual Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, Massachusetts. Unlike many vendors, there were always deals to be had.

But I’m pleasantly surprised to find F&C has a (limited) number of S scale offerings, too. I ordered a pair of the New York Central 40-foot nine panel gondola kits (Kit #S-210), and the service was excellent.

The kits come with decals, which is great – including lettering for the NYC’s Michigan Central subsidiary. I’ll have to do one as an NYC car, and the other in the MCRR scheme, since the MCRR has a whole bunch of extra lettering that will make it really stand out in a train.

Trucks and couplers are not included.

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