Chance meeting with Brian and Dennis

I was pretty busy with work on Monday so Jack and Mocean did not get their morning walk until mid-day. Eventually, guilt set in and I took them for a quick spin around the neighbourhood. We have a short walk we do when I have things to do – basically, around a long block – because it only takes 15 minutes:

 photo Jack-Mocean-Walk-150824_zps1lwbunot.jpg
(Jack and Mocean: Judged by the tension on the leads, we’re making good time – which is not always the case…)

Timing is everything, however – and when we reached the half-way point I passed two guys who looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place them. (This happens when people are out of context: I remember seeing a woman at a neighbourhood party and having this same problem. I solved it by asking her and as we worked through our various possible connections we discovered we both have dogs: Problem solved! “Oh – you’re Obie’s mum!” But I digress…)

The two gentlemen were having the same problem – I looked familiar, but I was out of context.

Of course, the context is train-related: Specifically, the annual S Scale Social organized by Jim Martin – because that’s where I’ve met both Brian Walsh and Dennis Rowe.

Brian and Dennis were in the neighbourhood to visit a friend and were just heading back to their car when we met on the sidewalk. We got talking and since my place was just a block away, I invited them in to see the layout:

 photo Vist-Brian-Dennis_zpsqpmahq0m.jpg
(A flagman protects Charlotteville Street as Extra 80 West creeps through St. Williams)

Dennis makes some really nice trees – and had these samples on display at last year’s S Scale Social…

 photo Social-2014-06_zpsa388a745.jpg

… so we had a good chat about the ins and outs of building convincing trees in 1:64.

The visit wasn’t long – Brian and Dennis had to rescue their car before their parking expired, and I had to get back to work. But it was a lovely break in the day and I’m really glad we ran into each other.

Great to see you both – and I hope to see you at this year’s S Scale Social in a couple of months!

4 thoughts on “Chance meeting with Brian and Dennis

  1. Sounds an enjoyable if brief encounter, and the sort of thing would not have happened if you had stayed in Maine On2! also Happy Anniversary,


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